This evening’s run started off in the daylight and finished in the dark. The light held out for as long as it could.

I ran nearly 16km with 5 x 1km efforts in the middle at 3.35 per km pace. It was a hard session and although I still feel like running fast is very unnatural and not really flowing, I was pleased with it overall.

Autumn is a beautiful season as the photograph taken by Jemma shows. It joins the light to the dark. Over the last few days I have been aware of a string of people, all friends of ours who have had their own ‘autumn’ moments recently.

Lost jobs, worsening diagnoses, loss of loved ones – the commonality with all these is the speed at which darkness has threatened to overcome the light. ‘Normal’ life mobbed by fears and pressures.


However, in each case we have seen the evidence of light. The light of Christ that will never be overcome by the darkness (John 1:5). These are stories of amazing courage, inspiring resilience, peace when there is usually anxiety, joy where there should be fear and laughter in place of tears.

When I try to run fast, it hurts (a lot), it feels overwhelming but experience tells me keep going. It will be ok.  That’s a trivial thing, but the witness of our dear friends isn’t, their experiences are inspiring us, we see Christ in them calling ‘keep going, it will be ok.’


Author: lawrencebasham

Husband to Jemma, dad to Hope, Joy, Judah & Iva, runner.

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