This morning’s run on Ilkley Moor was wet and misty – atmospheric! 8 miles mainly along the ridge on familiar trails. Perfect for switching off and allowing the mind to wander.

I’ve recently begun a module at college, taught by Graham Cray, apologetics and mission. Defending and proposing the faith, fascinating stuff. We’ve looked at historical perspectives and the challenge of understanding local contexts. Yesterday at our church lunch club, a conversation arose about ‘God’. I had just joined a table of folks, including a new couple, and they were already sharing their experiences and stories. I listened to a few ideas being bounced around in the group, mainly worthy philosophical thoughts. Part of me wanted to pounce, with apologetic zeal, on the new couple. I didn’t, instead I opted to leave that to others on the table and continued with serving and clearing tables. It was good to meet this new couple, I hope they return and I get to talk to them again in the future. Perhaps by the end of the module my apologetic technique may be a bit sharper.

Running today I was reminded of a simple phrase. It was used in the context of coaching athletes but could be equally as true for apologists.

‘People don’t care what you know until they know you care.’

Serving and clearing tables could have been the best option after all?

Author: lawrencebasham

Husband to Jemma, dad to Hope, Joy, Judah & Iva, runner.

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