Family of faith

Jemma writes ….Our two year old daughter has had a bad few days with her chest and it has thrown everything out of balance. Her twin brother is thoroughly out of sorts too as she just isn’t playing with him like she usually does and we are all worried when she goes quiet and still on the sofa. It hasn’t been easy as we have waited to see if her oxygen levels are normal or not and if she needs to go back to hospital. The combination of extra anxiety and extra tears has meant yesterday was not the greatest day.

I had planned to see two dear Christian friends to pray but couldn’t see either. As the day progressed I found it easier to worry and harder to pray as I waited for news on my poorly girl. Despite all these years of faith and seeing God come through for us, it is still hard work to give my children in prayer and trust.

It says in Galatians 6.10 we should do good for everyone and especially those in the family of the faith. I was challenged on that by a friend once who found it really upsetting and to be honest I wasn’t clear on the distinction myself. Many of my friends and family whom I love dearly are not in that category. Those of faith and no faith help and support and love in so many ways so why the distinction?

We are on a meal rota at church and yesterday we were sent a meal and some chocolate brownies from someone we rarely see. I speak to her very little and even then for very brief conversations. Our paths don’t cross in any other scenario but in church. But there she is sending a meal over to help us with our new arrival.

When I think of this gracious lady I think of us both standing and praying with a mutual friend from church, days before our friend died. I watched this lady climb on the bed next to our friend on that day and hold her as she cried. I will never forget the gentle compassion and love of that moment. I know from this experience together that she has prayed through suffering, when things are hard and confusing and not going the way she wants them to. I know this lady loves the same Jesus that I do and I know her heart turns to Him as mine does. And so we don’t need to speak often, we don’t need to particularly understand each other or talk more or even be intentional in our connection. I just know she is in the family of the faith and it helps.

It is word becoming flesh through the meal rota at church and she has helped me see Him in a day where it was hard to pray. It is a good reminder for me when it is hard to get everyone out on time for church and I get tired and can’t face seeing people. I have to keep giving into church for those people I intentionally connect with but also for the myriad of unintentional connections that God has planned for us all to help us see him in our everyday lives. Where in the world would you get that other than in church?

Thankfully Joy didn’t need to go back to hospital and is on the mend. During that anxious day God through the family of faith once again showed me we are not travelling through on our own. It is a gentle link, not one that demands even a response. A link that can join many little connections together in my memory that point me to His word and towards the way the truth and the life. Something I need to remember and pass onto the children. To keep doing good for everyone and especially those in the family of the faith.

Author: lawrencebasham

Husband to Jemma, dad to Hope, Joy, Judah & Iva, runner.

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