Family bonding

Baby Iva came home a couple of weeks ago and we’ve been getting on with bonding as a family. Joy and Judah were unsure at first how to relate to their baby sister. They are all a bit young yet for Iva to be held for any time in their arms safely but naturally they desire intimacy and want to get close to her. This can lead to slightly over exuberant attempts to cuddle baby. Babies are mostly cute for adults but actually quite fascinating for 2 year olds. Poking, prodding, patting, jiggling, trying to swing round and round ensues.

We have always encouraged our children to pray with us. Each night we run through a list of people we ask God to bless, family members, church friends, teachers etc. I pray Luke 2:52 over them, that like Jesus, they will grow in stature and wisdom, in favour with God and man. In other words that they will be physically and mentally well and will develop spiritually and socially.

Over the last week instead of the twins wrestling with little Iva like a rag doll. We have focussed on praying for Iva as the most intimate and loving thing we and they can do for her. It’s a lovely opportunity to teach them how important praying for each other is.

I am enjoying seeing little hands lovingly placed on Iva and then gentle voices whispering prayers for their sister. We finish with an amen and now a celebration dance as the twins shout ‘yay we prayed for Iva’.

Ordinary moments yield true beauty in God’s kingdom.

Author: lawrencebasham

Husband to Jemma, dad to Hope, Joy, Judah & Iva, runner.

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