There’s something about being pushed close to one another. The last few days have seen my family spending more time in the same space than we ever have before.

Our hours (day & night) have been dictated by the feeding pattern of a nine day old baby and three children all with viral infections.

We’re not going out, we’re not ‘doing’ anything. We have been forced to stop the busyness and spend time close to one another. Families go through the highs and the lows together and there’s a richness in sharing life authentically in a family or even a church community. Proximity is key.

There is lots of change in our family at the moment, we’ve added one to our number. We can see it’s impacting the older children and right now they need to know how safe and important they are.

We all live in an interconnected world but for me the most meaningful connections are often found with our nearest neighbours. Stopping all the activity that neatly fills our days and occupies our children’s time has been a blessing for us all. Love has to become flesh, get close, in proximity with each other.

Author: lawrencebasham

Husband to Jemma, dad to Hope, Joy, Judah & Iva, runner.

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